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P-S-R 3V 32mm Buggy Clutchsystem Carbon

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P-S-R 3V² 32mm Buggy Clutchsystem CarbonIf your buggy or truggy clutch has been set up correctly, to suit both your own driving style and the prevailing track conditions, then you will have a performance advantage over many of your rivals! This is because the clutch is an often overlooked element of the total race package, and its a fact that many racers do little more than replace bearings, springs and shoes only when they fail or get to the end of their life.

A correctly set up clutch will deliver power from the engine as the most appropriate time, making power delivery smoother, whilst reducing wheel spin, tyre wear and fuel consumption. Perhaps most important of all, by making the car easier to drive in this way, your lap times should be not only more consistent, but a lot faster than you would otherwise achieve without the best set up.

With the 3V competition clutch the spring tension can be adjusted depending upon which of our 2 clutch assemblies you are using. Buggy clutch features 3 settings, marked A-B-C, whilst the Truggy is marked D-E-F, where A is the lightest spring setting, and F is the hardest.

Available with either 32mm or 35mm flywheel sizes. Please check your cars current flywheel to order the correct size.